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Who We Are

Jazz Tappin Dance Academy is going into our 24th year in Sanford, and continues to offer the latest in dance education. JTDA strives to offer fun, exciting dance classes that allow students abilities and self confidence soar to new heights! Students from JTDA have had the opportunity to perform not only at events locally, but also at such events like the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, at Disney World, and also at regional and national competitions. Dancers from JTDA have attended numerous competitions and received silver, gold and platinum awards, judges awards for the most entertaining routine, choreography awards and also high score awards.

At Jazz Tappin every student matters. Our goal is to offer quality classes at reasonable prices, and teach dance in a fun creative way making sure every student has a great experience. We are one of the only studios in the area to offer a closed circuit tv system in our lobby, where you can watch your child's dance class. No matter what age we strongly believe in age appropriate routines including lyrics, costuming and movements. We want to share our love of dance with every student in hopes that the student will love coming to class just as much as we do. Our end of the year recital showcases all of the students dance accomplishments, giving each performer the chance to shine up on stage.

Kendra O'Connell

Miss Kendra opened JTDA in 2000, with about 75 students in it's first year. Since then JTDA has continued to grow each and every year. Miss Kendra started dancing at the age of 3 at the Academy Of Dance. She competed at many regional and national competitions where she earned silver, gold and platinum awards for her dances. Kendra has also studied with many teachers around the country, including Henry LeTang, Diane Gudat, and Mike Minery to name a few. She also got the chance to perform onstage with award winning tap dancer Savion Glover. In 2000 Miss Kendra was one of five female tap soloists chosen around the country to represent the USA at the World Tap Dance Championships. She traveled to Portoroz, Slovenia where she competed against top tap dancers from around the world and made it to the final round where she placed 4th. Miss Kendra continues to educate herself in the field of dance and attends workshops and classes whenever she gets the chance. Miss Kendra took part in the Dance Masters of America teacher training program for four years and is a certified Dance Masters of America teacher. Miss Kendra loves to share her love of dance with her students. Her favorite moments are when all of the sudden something "clicks" with a student and they master a step. All of those little moments add up and as soon as you know it, that little 3 year old so excited to first learn a shuffle, is now a young adult and is mastering advanced material.

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