May 10th At Sanford Performing Arts Center

NO COSTUMES at rehearsal! Just wear regular dance wear you would typically wear to class. 

Show One Dancers- 5:00

Show One rehearsal- follow signs for Dancer Check In when entering the high school (go in entrance at door 43). Dancers will be held in the backstage holding area just like they will be for recital. Parents are all set to drop their dancers off at their class table and go to the auditorium to watch. Leave their dance bag with their shoes with your dancer. We will run thru the finale FIRST for rehearsal. After running finale we will go thru the show in show order. Once your dancer has completed both of their dances you can pick them back up at their class table. 

Show Two Dancers- 6:30

Show two rehearsal- dancers will sit in the auditorium for rehearsal. Once show one rehearsal is completed, dancers will sit in the lower level towards the left side when looking at the stage. (please wait until show one rehearsal is done before doing this). Dancers make sure you have your dance bag with your shoes you will need. From there we will take attendance and call you up line by line for finale first, then go thru the rest of the show in show order. Once you have completed all of your dances you are all set to go. 


May 11th At Sanford Performing Arts Center. Doors open one hour prior to showtime. 

Show One- 3:00

All dancers should arrive to the show in costume for their first dance!

Dancers must be there and checked in by 2:30 and sitting with their class in the backstage holding area. When arriving dancers will go with one female guardian to the check in table in the backstage holding area (following the dancer check in signs). Parents will be handed a parent badge which they will keep with them. Dancers will get settled in at their table with their class and parents will go to the auditorium to watch the show. Dancers will stay in the backstage area for the duration of the entire show as all dancers are in the finale. (Dancers will wear their costume for their class for the finale). At the end of the show, guardian with the parent badge will meet back at their dancer's class table to check them out and hand their badge back into their class assistant at the table. 

Show Two- 7:00

All dancers for show two must be there by 6:30 the latest and arrive in their first costume. Dancers will follow the dancer check in signs to the check in table. From there they will find their class tables and get settled in. If they have more than one costume, they can bring their garment bag into the changing room to get their costumes ready. After the show, following the finale all dancers will go back to the backstage holding area, gather all their belongings and one female guardian can come back to get them. ALL dancers will be backstage for the duration of the show as all dancers are in the finale. For finale dancers need to wear their recital tee shirt and black leggings. 


The SPAC is glitter free- please no glitter sprays on students bodies or hair. 

Backstage area is peanut free! We have dancers who have allergies. Please help us keep them safe.

Ticket Pick Up 

If you chose will call when ordering your tickets your tickets will be ready at rehearsal for pick up! Please go to the table and pick them up to help ease congestion at the ticket table on recital day. 

Picture Pick Up

Dance pictures will be available for pick up at rehearsal! Make sure you go to the table and grab yours!

Hair and Makeup

We don't require dancers to wear their hair and makeup a certain way for the show. For little ones, light make up and a little blush so they don't get flushed out under the lights. For older ones, a little heavier then every day makeup. For hair- all dancers MUST have hair up and out of their face. NO HAIR DOWN. Also be sure to get bangs out of the face so we can see you! I have included videos below of a quick bun tutorial and also a makeup tutorial. These are not mandatory, just many have asked for tips and suggestions so I figured I would include what I do for my daughter! 



5 York Street

Sanford Maine 04073