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General Info

Rehearsal and Recital are both at the Sanford Performing Arts Center at the new high school. Please enter in door 43.

Rehearsal on May 12th. 

Show One rehearsal at 5:00 (please follow the dancer check in signs to check your dancer in)

Show Two rehearsal at 6:15- show two dancers will meet in the auditorium

Recital on May 13th

Show One at 3:00

Show Two at 7:00

Dancers must be checked in and backstage a half hour prior to showtime.

Length of the show for Show One is about an hour and a half

Show two is about two hours

Bring all parts of your costumes and all dance shoes to recital. 

Dancer Drop off/Pick up

Follow dancer check in signs to the backstage area and check in your dancer at the table. Make sure you have all dance shoes and costumes you will need. 

Dancers will be in the backstage area for the entire duration of the show. Parents will stay in the audience to watch the show. We have plenty of alumni, assistants and volunteers backstage to help and assist your dancer with shoe and costume changes. 

Only studio staff and volunteers will be permitted backstage during the show. 

Reminder- Sanford Performing Arts Center is GLITTER FREE!

Also- we have multiple dancers with nut allergies, so please help us keep all our dancers safe if you are packing snacks for your dancer backstage!

Hair and Makeup

Hair must be back and out of the face- absolutely no hair down.

Dancers need to wear makeup so they don't appear to be washed out on stage. 

For little ones- light makeup, blush, mascara etc. 

For older dancers- heavier then their everyday makeup for the stage. 

Below are two tutorial videos for examples you may use. These are not required but many asked for tips and tricks so I thought I would include what I do for my daughter when she performs!

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